Nick Elia Angelic Studios

I’ve been busy wrapping up a studio session at Angelic Studios for a collaborative project with Marios Joannou Elia ( It is focused on analogue synths and organised noise (generated from a modular system as well as by processing location recordings). It involves a lot of experimentation from a production and technical perspectve as well as a level of improvisation.

Angelic Studios Nick Elia MJE

Amongst the rare synths used for this project are Jupiter-8, ARP2600, Odyssey, OB-Xa, SH-7, EMS Synthi AKS, Prophet 6, Prophet T8, Memorymoog Plus, Voyager, Source, Korg MS-20, OSCar and TB303. Furthermore, the Chorus Echo SRE-555 has been used intensively, even for sound effects, without input signals, by turning the intensity control to maximum and allowing the unit to self-regenerate.  Another unit that has been favoured for its sonic properties and character is the H3000, where its parameters were intensively modulated during the recording stages. After editing the material in our next session in May, we have plans to create reverb acoustically (for selected elements) through a series of reverb chambers.

Nick Elia Angelic Studios
Nick Elia - Angelic Studios

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